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Dear Readers,

Trupanion, as you may know, will not be renewing the group subscriptions they purchased last June 2022. On June 1, 2023, the offer ends. But until then, you can still create a complimentary account that will give you full access for one year.

For those of you who are already taking advantage of the Trupanion subscriptions, you should be aware that because Trupanion has elected not to renew your accounts, your access to TCR will end one year from the date you created your subscription– at which point we will offer you a paid subscription with a discounted rate for veterinary professionals.

If you are among the veterinary and industry leaders who read TCR, I propose that you follow where Trupanion has left off. Offer our subscriptions to your employees, customers, members, constituents, etc. at a group rate. Support strong, independent journalism for journalism's sake, even if on occasion you perceive our reporting as not in line with your financial interests.

Good journalism is what builds public trust in institutions. Rather than issue press releases telling consumers about your core values and transparency, show them by inviting scrutiny inside your own house.

We believe everyone benefits from the kind of sunlight we have shown we can shine on the pet industry as its sole independent watchdog and ombudsman; we know your constituents, stakeholders, and consumers will respect you more for supporting us – it’s what our data found about Trupanion’s constituents, even though Trupanion ultimately chose to turn away the accountability and trust only our brand of journalism can bring.


Emily Brill
Executive Editor and Founder